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Human emotions are hard. Although anxiety can motivate us to worry about things that are important, it can snowball into a constant state of being that seeps into our everyday experiences. Similarly, sadness can begin as a reaction to our circumstances but can linger around during times when we usually would feel happy. All of these emotional struggles are things that we will explore during our time together. By looking at your life as a whole; your current experiences, your life story, your hopes for the future, we will develop a plan to create the changes you want to see in your life. 

Schedule an initial consultation to meet with your counselor for the first time. During this appointment, you will complete an in-depth intake form with your counselor to gather as much information as possible about your individual needs, personality, and current situation. You will set your goals for the counseling process and will complete your session with a plan for moving forward.

We will continue with our therapeutic journey within the range of your needs; many clients begin with weekly sessions then move to bi-weekly sessions.  

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